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What Should You Do If Your Commercial Fridge Or Freezer Breaks Down?

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What Should You Do If Your Commercial Fridge Or Freezer Breaks Down?

Every restaurant prides itself on the fact that it keeps its own produce as fresh as possible. These fresh ingredients are then used to make mouthwatering dishes that guests will enjoy and they will be motivated to return to your restaurant in the future.

However, problems can occur when your restaurant is in the middle of the busy dinner time rush. You might notice that the fridge or the freezer has stopped working. This problem can potentially bring the whole kitchen grinding to a halt, so you need to get the issue sorted as soon as you can.

What should you do if your commercial fridge or freezer breaks down?

Call A Repair Service

When you are running a restaurant, your mobile phone should be full of the numbers of people who can help you. This could include the numbers of suppliers, chefs and cleaning services. When your fridge or freezer breaks down in the middle of a shift, you will want to have catering equipment repairs in Perth. This ensures that you are not going to waste any time. The repair service will be able to fix the problem easily, whether there is a problem with the fan or with the cables that connect the appliance to the mains supply.

Move Perishable Food Into Ice Boxes

When your fridge or freezer breaks down in the middle of a shift, then this can mean that a lot of food could potentially. This might cause some of the food to go off in a very short space of time, and you cannot afford for any of the food to go to waste.

Instead of panicking when the fridge or freezer stops working, you need to make sure that any perishable food is moved into ice boxes as soon as possible. If the food is left sitting in the broken fridge, then customers might end up getting food poisoning when they eat the ingredients which have been left in the fridge and been cooked. This could result in someone taking legal action against you if they become seriously ill.

Once the food has been moved into the iceboxes, a repair service can be called and the fridge can be fixed as soon as possible.

Create Specials From Perishable Food

Some of the food that you have taken out of the broken fridge is not going to last for very long, especially if it is hot in the kitchen already. Even though you have this perishable food in iceboxes, you will know that you have to serve this food as soon as you can. This will prevent the food from going bad and causing a problem for customers.

You can create new specials and put them on the menu. Instruct your waiting staff to recommend the special to everyone so that people are much more likely to consider ordering it.

A repair service will help to mend your fridge or freezer efficiently.