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What Makes Italian Cuisine World-Class?

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There is no doubt that food is a big part of Italian culture. If you have lived or traveled in Italy, you will realize that this is indeed true. It is one of the most flavorful cuisines all over the world. No wonder, many of the best restaurants in NoMad, or in New York in general, are serving the best dishes from the Italian region. That being said, read the rest of this post and learn more why Italian food is amazing!

It is Simple

Although there are complicated recipes, a lot of Italian dishes are quite straightforward and hence, easy to prepare. It is also about simple processes and using quality ingredients. In a recent dinner in Scarpetta, which is rated as one of the best Italian restaurants in NYC, I had their spaghetti. It is one of the tastiest and simplest pasta dishes I had. It only has three main ingredients – pasta, tomato, and basil.

It Emphasizes Freshness

In relation to what has been discussed above, Italian food is unlike any other because of its emphasis on freshness. More than being fresh, local ingredients are also used, which is why there is a distinct taste from region to region. The fresh ingredients do not only make Italian food delicious but also nutritious.

It is Diverse

The diversity of Italian cuisine is another reason why it is exceptional. When talking about the country’s food, it is often characterized on the basis of regions. In fact, it is said that Italian cuisine is a regional pride. In each region, you can expect a different flavor. Milan, Venice, Rome, and Tuscany are some of the regions that are popular for their food. Even pizzas and pastas from this region have different tastes, but it can be summed up as one thing – delicious!

It is Easy to Cook

Cooking Italian food does not need to be a chore. It is not exclusive to experienced chefs. Even if you do not cook regularly, the recipes are quite easy to follow. Plus, the ingredients are also readily available, and it will be easy to look for substitutes. Especially in the case of pasta, cooking it is quick and effortless. Because of this, Italian food became every man’s food.

It is Rooted in Tradition

Although Italian food evolves continuously, it remains rooted in deep tradition, which is why taste is consistent. Even mass-produced Italian products are made using traditional methods. Recipes have been passed down through generations.

It is the Home of Pizza and Pasta

Need another reason to be convinced that Italian food is world-class? Well, consider the fact that the country is the one that brought pizza and pasta to the world. Without the Italians., we won’t be eating them today! If it is authentic Italian, you will easily recognize the flavor and it is sure to captivate your taste buds!

Hungry? Grab an Italian food right now and you will easily understand why it is considered world-class!