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Tips for Buying Fresh Fish

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Tips for Buying Fresh Fish

Seafood is a staple diet in many homes. It is rich in protein and omega-3 acids, and is also very healthy. However, before you go shopping for fish at any local fishmonger, you should know how to carefully select fresh fish. In an ideal world, every fishmonger would have fresh fish available at their stores during the day, and they would continue replenishing their stock regularly. However, as demand rises and falls, many fishmongers often store fish in a freezer before putting it up for sale again the next day. If you are thinking of making a seafood dish, it is important that you buy the freshest fish available. Here are some things that you should look for when buying fish at your local store.

The Eyes Say More Than You Think

Perhaps the simplest way to tell whether the fish is fresh or not is to check the eyes. If the fish is fresh, the eyes will be bright and clear, and will have a convex shape. However, if the fish is old and was caught a day or two before, you will notice a cloudy layer on top of the eyes, and the eyes will also appear sunken when you take a closer look.

Go to a Reputable Fishmonger

Sandys Fish is one of the most reputable fishmongers in the area, so even if you don’t have much knowledge of how to identify fresh fish, you can buy from here without having to worry about much at all. Rather than go to a shoddy shop that is likely to resort to underhanded practices to maintain their profit margins, why not buy your fish from a reputable place that is renowned for selling fresh items throughout the year?

Check for Odours

If you notice any vivid odour coming from the fish, smell closely and make sure that the odour is of the sea, such as from seaweed. There will be a briny smell to it as well. However, if you notice a pungent smell, which is all too common nowadays, you should avoid buying the fish. It will spoil very quickly, and will ruin the whole taste of your dish. You should also check the gills on the fish, as fresh fish usually have bright red gills.

The Skin and Meat

The skin should ideally be taut and clean, and should have a glistening texture. It should look as if the fish is still alive. Don’t pay too much attention to the colour of the skin though, since it starts fading almost immediately after death. Make sure that the belly is taut—you can check this by poking it with your finger or observing closely. If the belly is sunken or swollen, it is a clear indicator that the fish isn’t fresh. These are a few simple indicators that will help you choose the freshest fish available in the market! Take your time and check out different stores before buying the fish you need!