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The best places to eat in Birmingham

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A visit to Birmingham should include some of the city’s most renown restaurants celebrating food that boasts of United Kingdom culture. Food in Birmingham is vast and ranges from traditional to cosmopolitan. It includes both seafood and country fare like mutton, so there is something for everyone.

Top Restaurants in Birmingham

One of the most recognised restaurants in Birmingham is Carter’s of Mosely on St. Mary’s Row. The simple, classical cuisine of this restaurant earned it acclaim across England. It was named in the 2018 Hardens Guide as one of the best Birmingham restaurants. It received its first Michelin star from the guide in 2016. This is cosy spot that amplifies comfort food.

Those seeking out high-end food in a classy locale should look to Gaucho at 55 Colmore Row. This restaurant is a larger chain that offers five-star service in a sophisticated atmosphere. It opened in 2017 and features Argentinian steak. While steak is its primary menu item, the restaurant also has other meat entrées and vegetarian options.

Many visiting may not realise the influence India has on England, but the food culture certainly recognises it. One of the best mixed grill options is the Desi pub Hens and Chickens on Constitution Hill. This restaurant includes Indian-inspired cuisine that is so notable in Birmingham. Local food favourites include butter chicken, lamb rogan and saag paneer. The city centre pub is clean and fresh since it just underwent a major renovation, making it a great casual spot to meet with friends.

Hosting a Hog Roast

A popular option for entertaining is to host a party at home. You can celebrate with family and friends with a hog roast in Birmingham, either fully catered or cooking the traditional dish yourself. You can hire a hog roast to cater it to your party as there are prominent Birmingham companies in the city, but you can also rent equipment to cook it yourself. Companies have spit roasting machines and other  hog roasting equipment for rent. Most have options to either rent the machine only or have the company also provide the meat. They can even assign cook to help.

Gathering with friends can be made memorable with good food and the right atmosphere. Whether you choose a cosy corner deli, an elegant club or have a hog roast at home, Birmingham has the right food to make for a great night.