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The Best Cocktail and Food Pairings

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Whenever I visit rooftop bars in Buckhead, I notice that many people tend to not eat any food with their cocktails. While I certainly have to problem with that, I just hope that people will be more appreciative of cocktail and food pairing. It might be challenging to find what perfectly complements each other, but once you found the right match, it is sure to make you crave for more. That being said, read on and we’ll have a look at some of the best cocktail and food pairings.


My favorite Negroni was from Regent Cocktail Club, a top-rated cocktail lounge in Atlanta. Whenever I order this drink, I pair it with their wings with blue cheese. The Campari, one of the pillars of a good Negroni, has an overwhelmingly bitter taste. It is best to be accompanied with bold flavors as well, such as a blue cheese. Anything with bacon, especially when the latter is smoked, will also taste good with a Negroni.


For this classic cocktail, salty and nutty food will make the best pairing. This will be effective in providing a balance from the deeply sweet and slightly smoky flavor of the cocktail. You will never go wrong when you eat it with spiced pecans. To make it even more flavorful, try pecans with sea salt or cayenne pepper coating. Roasted almond with paprika will also do great. For something that is more filling than nuts, you can go for grilled chicken wings or thick cut pork chops.


A quintessential cocktail of choice for tequila lovers, margaritas will play well when it is eaten with Mexican food. Nonetheless, you can also dare to be different and try it with jerk chicken sticks. With the latter, you will get a salty flavor not only from the salt on the rim of the glass but also in your chicken. An Indian curry will also be great, which will make the flavor evident from the tartness of the cocktail. A ceviche will also taste good.

Bloody Mary

For those who love cocktails or alcohol in general, a brunch will not be complete without a glass of Bloody Mary. This tomato-based cocktail will go well when you pair it with a food that has a strong flavor. You can eat it with mozzarella sticks, which will make the flavor of the cheese stand out. For the best brunch, you can also drink the cocktail with deviled eggs. Even with an avocado toast, the drink will be perfect!


When it comes to food pairing with a martini, salty nuts and sharp cheeses will be great to enhance and complement the flavor of the alcohol. A buttery fish or chicken dish will also be great to have with your martini. The botanicals used in the gin for the martini will stand out when you pair it with seafood dishes, such as shrimp cocktails.

Cocktails will taste better when you drink them with food! Pay attention to the pairings mentioned above to enjoy your alcohol while also filling your stomach!