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Know the Ingredients in your Dry Dog Food

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The diet of your dog would make all the difference in providing health and longevity. You may be aware about the dry dog food being made up of protein. However, you may not be aware that other ingredients in your dog food may not be healthy for your dog. Therefore, before you Buy Dry Dog Food, you should have comprehensive understanding and knowledge on the best kind of dry dog food suitable to your pooch needs. Find below a list of ingredients that you should avoid while buying dry dog food for your dog.

Hidden fat sources

It would not be wrong to state that protein is main ingredient in the dry dog food. However, it should also encompass good source of fat in it. Most quality dry dog food brands would mention the kind of animal fat present in their dog foods. You should inquire about what kind of animal fat is present along with the quantity.

Added sweeteners

Several brand owners may add sweeteners to enhance the taste of food. It would be made of very little animal protein. Dogs would enjoy sweet tasting food. They may develop a liking for dry food tasting sweeter. This could lead to overindulgence while consuming their meals. Moreover, there would be overindulgence on food that encompasses little to no nutritional value, especially when packed full of additives and sweeteners.

By-products of meat

It would also be imperative to pay attention what has been used for making dry dog food. Quality meats would provide your pet with more protein. You should do little research on your chosen food and determine from where the meat source has been coming from. You should also inquire on the part of animal used for making dry dog food.

Added preservatives

Preservatives have been used for enhancing the shelf life of most commercial pet foods. However, these preservatives may not always be healthy for your dog. Natural preservative such as Vitamin C has been deemed healthiest option for your canine friend. You need to search for high quality dry dog food that lays less emphasis on shelf life and more on its nutritional value.

Read for beneficial ingredients

While going through the labels to dry dog food, it would be imperative to have knowledge on the kinds of ingredients that would be beneficial for your dog. You should also know what kind of ingredients you require keeping away from your dog’s diet. You should be concerned about your dog’s food to make sure it eats healthy food.