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Eating Out At Yard House On Budget: Top Tips To Know

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In these hard economic times, everyone is scouting for ways to save money. The good news is that there are a plethora of steps that you can leverage on to save money, especially when it comes to eating out in major restaurants like Yard House. Without much ado, here are top ways that you use to eat on a budget at Yard House.

  1. Ditch the booze

To keep your bills down, stick to soft drinks with whatever meal you order, or keep a close eye on offers that are accompanied by a free glass of wine. However, if you are really up for a night on the slosh, consider heading to a bar afterwards—most of bars often have lower booze prices than average restaurants.

  1. Be flexible about your timing

Yard House and other high-end restaurants provide a variety of ‘early bird’ specials for diners who order or visit the restaurants in the evening before they get busy. They offer a few courses at discounted prices because they know that you will be in and out pretty fast. The only downside of these deals is that they are pre-set, and there is not much choice involved. For instance, you can get three courses with only two options to choose from. Nonetheless, the prices are normally lower than if you opt for the normal Yard House Menu. Note that these deals aren’t normally offered during weekends.

  1. Try buffet Dining

Targeting buffet dining is not usually the most sophisticated night out that you can imagine. However, if you have a big appetite and really after getting your money’s worth, there are no better offers to take head-on than buffets. Think about it this way: spend some cash at buffet restaurant or on a buffet offer and you won’t eat again for several hours.  You only need to remember that you won’t be able to move either, so have a back-up plan as well!

  1. Follow Yard House on Social Media

Remember, social media isn’t just for chatting with mates, job hunting, watching cat videos, or making noise about your feelings and opinions. Yard House and other major restaurants really want you to follow them on social media. Accordingly, as an incentive, they often run a wide range of competitions for free meals, post vouchers and coupons for money off your bill, and offer a variety of limited discounts. You can take advantage of these offers by following them and a few of your favorite places on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.


Everybody loves eating out but it is not a secret that there are restaurants out there that can wreak havoc on your bank balance. Knowing how to moderate things is, therefore, a great idea. The above tips should start you off in your quest for grabbing a meal at Yard House on the cheap. Now you don’t have an excuse to try that your favorite Yard House menu or eating into your bank balance the next time you are eating out at this great restaurant. .