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Beef Brisket – What To Know About The Tasty Dish Prepared For Saint Patrick’s Day

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on the occasion of Saint Patrick’s Day, people usually prefer cooking corned beef along with some cabbages, and this dish is known as brisket. The boneless beef that is extracted from the breast layer of the cow is usually preferred for preparing beef brisket. People even use beef brisket for stews and pot roast as well.

Varieties of Preparations Using Brisket Pot

Brisket pot roast that is prepared using the breast layer of cow meat is actually considered as the comfort food or also known as old-fashioned food. There are different kinds of briskets that are prepared on Saint Patrick’s Day including smoked brisket. Some of the varieties of such briskets are listed below.

  • Whole Brisket

The breast muscles of cow will be cut into triangle shape and are cooked using different ingredients. This preparation is known as whole brisket.

  • Corned Beef

For enhancing and also adding a tangy taste to the cow muscle, the meat will be cured with salt for some time. The resulting preparation of the salt-cured beef muscle is known as corned beef. The name corned beef was given because of the reason of using the corned sized salt grains for meat curing.

These days, chefs use saline solution injection for meat curing before the preparation of corned beef.

  • Point Half

Point half, another name for the term thick half, point half is actually the thicker part of the beef meat that is used for preparing brisket.

  • Flat Half

Flat half part of the beef meat is the meat part in brisket that is the better half in the brisket preparation. Flat half part of brisket is also known by the other names such as first cut, thin cut and so on.

Buying Right Meat for the Brisket Preparation

There are many things that you should consider while buying beef for preparing brisket. Look for the meat that is red in color and has a clear texture. After exposure to oxygen, even purplish-red colored beef meat will turn to cherry-red shade. This doesn’t mean that the meat has become spoiled. Sometimes vacuum sealed beef meats will also be purplish color, and hence it is suggested to not waste such meat thinking that they have gone bad.

Beef meat is rich in all nutrition that is required for the healthy growth and development of the muscles. Every piece of meat is rich in fiber, calories, carbohydrate, protein, total fat, etc, and every other required minerals for the body.