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5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Oven Cleaner For Longer

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5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Oven Cleaner For Longer

No one likes cleaning their oven, in fact, it is probably one of the worst jobs that we might have to even think about completing every 6 months or so. In fact, it is one of those jobs that we put off and off until the point that we see the signs that the time to clean is a must, rather than just an option.

For anyone that owns an oven, the dread of having to clean it is one that often creeps upon us for a few months, as the smells get worse and the food starts to have a slightly different taste. And then one day, we are taking out our roast dinner from the oven and happen to glance inside, only to be met by a world of dirt, sludge and fat that has leaked everywhere. And it is at this point that we probably decide that either a trip to the supermarket to get some cleaning material is in order, or more likely, we call our local oven cleaning company to come and make everything bright and shiny again.

But fear not, as our friends at oven cleaning specialist Vapor Clean offer their 5 top tips when it comes to keeping your oven cleaner for longer.

Use Appropriate Cooking Trays

If you use the right cooking trays then you can avoid most spillages that simply occur due to the incorrect use of cooking and baking trays. Try to make sure you have trays with decent sides on them, as this will prevent fats and oils spilling over, and if some of your food starts to leak out, this will also stop that from happening. Some trays also have small holes in the corner, which can allow juices and things to run, so by using the right cooking equipment might just keep your oven in top shape for much longer.

Clean As You Go

Wait for the oven to cool down enough for you to be able to get a wet cloth on the bottom and sides and wipe up any fresh or older spillages, leaks or residue, as the more you can do this, the more you can avoid further build-ups and reduce the smell that the oven makes when it gets dirty. A quick wipe here and there when the oven is cool, but not cold, can really keep your oven cooking better for much longer, and also smelling much better as well.

Reduce Fat Or Oils Spitting

The use of too much oil or fat will end up in spitting, especially for things like roast potatoes and meat, so even just by cutting back on the amount of oil you use, or swapping to things like low fat Fry Light and alternatives can reduce the amount of build-up in your oven, which in turn, reduces the amount of rubbish left behind after cooking your favourite dinner!

Clean Racks Regularly

The racks are often the first things to get covered in spillages, dirt, grime and sludge, so by keeping these clean with a bit of hot soapy water and a scouring pad every so often can keep the oven looking good and smelling better. This also means you are avoiding a build-up of the elements that will cause your oven to smell, and of course, start dripping when this fatty build up is heated every time your oven is used and on.

Don’t Put It Off

The main reason ovens end up in such a state is that many people wait too long to get them properly cleaned by the professionals. Whilst you can do a decent job yourself, this is not without buying expensive materials and of course having the time to actually do a decent job, which means booking your recommended and local oven cleaners to come in once every 6 months and keep your oven in tip top condition means less work for you and a much better performing oven, and of course, a much safer one as well.