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4 Milk-Free Espresso Drink Recipes

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Whether you prefer to get your coffee at convenient corporate chain or at a small local cafe, you know where to go get your favorite hot drink.  These menus just seem to just getting more and more complex, with new variations on traditional coffee drinks cropping up all over the place. Sometimes they are fun to try and sometimes you just want a classic cup the familiar, with or without milk.

In this case, let’s take a look at some of the Kafexpress hot coffee drinks you can order that do not require any milk at all.


It does not get any simpler than the espresso. This is a straight shot of coffee, typically about one ounce of water pressed through abo0ut ¼ oz of ground coffee (under 9 pounds of pressure) over 30 seconds. The result is raw, unadulterated coffee, not watered down or hindered by sweeteners or dairy.  Of course, you can always start with this shot of espresso and begin adding other ingredients to make the other drinks available on the menu.


Doppio means “double” in Italian so put two and two together (or, in this case, “one and one”) and you can quickly discern that this drink order is just a double shot of espresso. However, this order does not necessarily call for two shots of espresso. Instead it is actually twice the amount of water pressed through the same amount of coffee as in the espresso (¼ oz).


It would not take too much analysis to figure that “ristretto” means “restricted” and in the case of espresso drinks, the term refer to the very first 20 seconds of that 30 second time frame it takes to press an ounce of water through ¼ of ground espresso bean.  Essentially, then, this drink is only about 70 percent of the single ounce shot made in an espresso extraction.  You use less water but the same amount of pressure which results in a drink 1/3 smaller but, much less bitter.


So called because Americans tend to favor brewed coffee over espresso based drinks, the Americano is just a shot of espresso (made the same way as described above) with hot water.  Typically the recipe calls for about 1 oz of espresso and 4-6 oz of hot water. From here, many people will add sugar or milk, etc, as they would a typical cup of brewed coffee.