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3 Classic Rum Based Cocktails

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Rum has been around a long time. You might be familiar with the fact that it was frequent cargo among the seafaring vessels during the 18th century.  Indeed, though it may have originated in tropical regions it quickly grew to become an alcohol staple at the time and is now one of the most commonly enjoyed spirits in the world.

Distilled from a fermented byproduct of sugarcane (or sometimes molasses), rum is smoother than vodka in many cases and sweeter than tequila.

Rum is a little easier on the palate because it is sugar based. And this sugar grows abundantly in the globe’s tropical regions.  Obviously, then, when you think of rum as a drink spirit, it makes sense that you would want to mix it with tropical fruits and other sweet or exotic ingredients.

As such, here are a few of the most common École du Bar de Montréal rum-based cocktails.


Nearly identical to the classic margarita, the daiquiri is simple and timeless.  Just muddle some limes with sugar and shake it with a couple fingers of light rum and there you have it.  Some recipes might add triple sec to help fill out the sweetness and thin out the alcohol a little more; and some people like it blended.  Some also like it blended with strawberries—as in a strawberry daiquiri—but make sure that however you take it, always have it made with the freshest ingredients.


A favorite in Cuba (and, such, the Eastern Gulf states), the mojito is basically a daiquiri with muddled mint and served .  Spearmint is commonly the mint of choice but you can use any mint you have available.  The type of mint does alter the taste and freshness of the drink’s flavor profile, though.  Regardless, you just muddle the mint with lime and sugar in a highball glass and then add the rum and shake it with ice. You can add a little soda water to fill the glass, too.


Another simple rum-based drink, the Mai Tai is about as tropical as it gets.  This libation is an exotic mix of light rum, juice, and dark rum.  The basic recipe is two ounces of rum mixed with pineapple juice and orange juice.  The ratio or light to dark rum is up to you, just make sure that you put the light rum at the bottom, fill with juice and then top it with dark rum.